Title Date

Overthinking It: Matrix 4 is about choosing the blue pill. +

Longtermism in 1888: fermi estimate of Heaven's size +

Short Story: The Toba Supervolcanic Eruption +

Existential Risk, Anthropics, & Peter Thiel's Investment Thesis +

Collection of 'Braid' and 'The Witness' interviews, articles, etc. +

Examining 'The Witness' +

The Meanings of Braid: Six Variations on Reality +

The Meanings of Braid: Four Meditations on The Princess +

Nuclear Strategy in a Semi-Vulnerable World +

Braid Mod 'More Now Than Ever' +

'Chrono Trigger' Short Story +

Why the East Rules -- For Now +

Cool new San Jose gun law with implications for weird libertarian utopias +